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Xtreme Chainsaw Sharpening Tool

Make Your Chainsaw Razor Sharp In As Little As 5 Seconds With This Tool!

A dull chainsaw chain causes more stress on your engine, shortening its life.  Enhance the life of your chainsaw and keep your chain razor sharp with this easy-to-use sharpening kit!

Effortlessly cut wood fast and smoothly, getting the job done faster. Sharpen your chain in 5 seconds with minimal effort, maximizing cutting performance!

Save money from buying new chainsaw chains after every other use. Simple & FAST solution makes your chain 10x longer. Just clip this attachment to your chainsaw for quick sharpening!


  • Cut FAST & Smooth - Turn your chainsaw into a razor sharp beast  with ease to ensure fast and smooth cuts with minimal effort!
  • Sharpen In Seconds - Quick & easy to use whetstone mechanism design allows you to sharpen in 5 seconds while on the job. No need for tiresome hand filing!
  • Sturdy & Durable - Made from ultra durable ABS that resists vibrations and impact with ease, ensuring a long life service.
  • Revive Your Chainsaw - Maximizes cutting performance with less stress on the engine, enhancing its life. Also save money on buying new chains!
  • Wide Application - Widely compatible and fits 14/16/18/20 inch chain bar with twin guide holes. 2 guide pins secure the bar-mounted sharpener in perfect alignment between the stone and the cutter.

So conquer all your backyard cutting problems with the help of this Xtreme Chainsaw Sharpening Tool!