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Weed Ripper Xtreme - Universal Trimmer Head

Turn Your Trimmer Into A Beast That Rips Through Anything!

Tired of your trimmer getting clogged and tangled with thick weeds?  Say goodbye to rewinding inefficient string trimmers!

Replace your trimmer head with the Weed Ripper Xtreme that  flawlessly cuts through grass, weeds and wood with  incredible ease! 

Outstandingly more effective  at cutting than a traditional string trimmer or heavy lawn mower, saving you a lot of time and frustration.


  • Annihilate Weeds- Flawlessly cut through thick weeds and grass. Steel wires remove all weeds right into the deep cracks in your pathways.
  • Save Time  - Remove messy weeds and moss from your garden 10x faster. Say goodbye to hurting your back while pulling out weeds!
  • Multi-Purpose  - Perfect for edging lawns, clearing messy weeds & moss from your garden, concrete pathways and patios.
  • Universal - Universal head fits all trimmer models. Easy to install, simply screw the head onto the trimmer unit for quick setup.
  • Ultra Long Life  Made from strong steel wire with a stainless steel centre. Takes abuse every day while still providing a long life service.

Easy To Install