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Titanium Sawtooth Drill Set (6pcs)

Effortlessly Drill, Cut Grooves & Carve All With One Drill Bit!

Sick of using multiple tools to achieve the cut you want? Looking to save time and get your DIY jobs done faster?

Our Titanium Sawtooth Drill Bit Set allows you to effortlessly drill holes, cut grooves and carve in any material fast & efficiently! Greatly saving labor time without any painful sawing.

With a specialized sawtooth design, this ultra durable  all-in-one drill bit saves you the pain of constantly switching tools. Easily cut and grind everything in your way!


  • Drill & Cut Flawlessly - Specialized sawtooth design so you can drill holes, cut horizontal grooves and carve with ease which means you can get your projects done faster and efficiently!
  • Work Efficiently - Ultra sharp 135 degree split point prevents walking and makes drilling more precise, which means there's no tiresome centre punching needed.
  • World-Class Quality - Titanium 6542 high-speed steel drill bit set for supreme strength & durability so you can work them hard, which means you'll spend a LOT less money on tools over time.
  • Heat Resistant - Unique spiral groove construction decreases friction for a faster and cooler drilling experience. Which means you will save time on every job without having to wait on the drill cooling.
  • Wide Application - Suitable for cutting Hard Metal such as Stainless Steel, Steel and Cast Iron as well as Wood, Aluminum, and other materials  including tiles, concrete, tiles, bricks, plastic, glass and more.


  • High-Speed Steel
Package Contents
    • 3-8Mm Titanium Coated Hss Drill Bits Set
    • 3mm × 1
    • 4mm × 1
    • 5mm × 1
    • 6mm × 1
    • 6.5mm × 1
    • 8mm × 1