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Square-Cut Mortiser Drill Bit

Drill Perfect Square Holes Every Time With These Mortiser Drill Bits

Hate struggling to cut out square or rectangular holes with a regular drill or chisel? Looking for an easier solution for your woodwork project? 

Do it effortlessly with the  Square-Cut  Mortiser Drill Bit. A workshop tool accessory specially built  for square-cut groove drilling.

With their specially-engineered flute design, they dig powerfully into wood, making a quick job out of drilling holes, notches and mortises.  They will pierce readily with little pressure required.


  • Cut Effortlessly - Made from ultra hard and durable high speed steel. Cut square holes in wood with ease.
  • Save Time- Cutting square holes with traditional methods is time consuming. Drill out perfect slots in wood in seconds.
  • Easy To Use - Once fitted to your machine, very little pressure is required to accurately cut out neat holes.
  • Wide Application - Suitable  for wood renovation, construction, installation, decoration industry, etc.
  • Fits Any Standard Mortising Machine - Engineered to fit a mortiser specifically. Our blades are generally sharper than the factory ones included with your machine.
  • Simplified Carving - Specialized for the cutting of mortise inserts in woodwork. Also great for crafting a keyhole opening or any square-cut channel or groove on a wooden surface.

Note that these bits are not intended for use in an electric drill or a bench drill.