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SlopeMaster - Incline Measuring Instrument

Effortlessly Measure Slopes With Dead-On Accuracy In Just A Glance!

Struggle to measure slope angles during DIY jobs? Traditional methods not giving you accurate enough readings?

Our SlopeMaster Incline Measuring Instrument is   designed to give you dead-on accurate measurements. Read the angle of any slope at a quick glance every time!

Simply rotate the wheelto adjust the position  of the bubble in the leveling pipe. Easily clear the scale when done!   The disc is always very easy to read.


  • Measure Accurately - Perfect for various types of DIY, types of furniture, stairs, rooftops, beams & more!
  • Graduated Rotating Wheel - Easily adjust the position of the bubble in the level pipe to get a clear reading.
  • Easy To Use - Clear angle identification to improve work efficiency.
  • Easy To Read -  Precise, clear scale with large numbers on the disc.
  • Standard -  A high-strength, double-weight standard leveling ring & four core standards available.
  • Magnetic & Non-Magnetic - Equipped with a strong magnetic base or not, choose what fits your needs the best!

Used by most surveyors and forestry professionals  to measure height or slope readings. It is   guaranteed to be a great tool for measuring horizontal, vertical, and all-in-one slopes.