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Rotary Vegetable Cutter

Effortlessly Prepare Your Veg In Seconds With This Amazing Cutter

Don't you hate chopping vegetables aswell as your finger every other time? Looking for an easier, painless method?

Our Rotary Vegetable Cutter allows you to effortlessly cut your veg and salad in neat, beautiful gratings. Prepare your greens in seconds!

Simply place the vegetables you want to cut into the bin and rotate the handle - It's as easy as that! Whether you're making stir-fry or vegetable medley, the Rotary Vegetable Cutter will ensure your meal presentation will be amazing.


  • Cut Flawlessly - Juliennes, cuts and neatly slices your vegetables with ease. Impress your friends & family with amazing presentation!
  • Save Time - Choose from 3 different  360 degree blades and cut your veg rapidly as you rotate the handle. Get your meals prepared in record time!
  • Ultra Stability - Suction cup with locking knob allows you to lock the cutter to the table while you grate!
  • Easy To Use - There is no skill involved, no strength required, and no complicated steps to learn. Compact & easily storable.
  • Safe To Use - No electricity, no contact with blade when you use. Say goodbye to cutting your fingers with knives. Also BPA free.

If you're spending money on ready cut vegetables from the supermarket, you're wasting your money!


    We recommend   hand washing,  just washing it under the running water. You can wash the blades by cleaning brush. Please don't soak and don't boiling it.

    I t is great for:

    • Cheese, cucumber, potato, zucchini, garlic, nuts, peanut, cookies, beetroot, cauliflower, radish and so on.

      Please note:

      • The rotary cheese grater blades are very sharp. Please be careful when you clean it.
      • Do not use more than 60 degrees of water to clean the rotary grater.
      • Do not leave the cheese slicer within reach of children.
      • Suction cup will only mount on non-porous,   smooth and clean  surfaces such as glass, marble and so on .

      Healthy material, non-toxic and odorless, can be safely contacted with food