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PruneFast™ Mini Plant Cutter (2 Pack)

Effortlessly Cut And Trim Plants In An Instant!

Fed up of time-consuming and tiring garden maintenance? Wish there was a faster way to pick fruit and vegetables?

Improve your work efficiency from now on! Trim, cut, and prune with the help of this  PruneFast Gardening Blade! Your best thumb ally for all your gardening needs!

Effortlessly pick more in less time with just one-hand! Pamper your plants with the instant removal of wilted branches and dried leaves that hinders their growth.



  • Time and Labor-Saving - Cuts plants in just a second! No need for any knives or scissors!
  • Cut Flawlessly - Imported grade A Stainless steel blade allows you to cut deep enough even through thick branches.
  • Ultra Durable - Puncture resistant and is easy to clean so you can reuse it multiple times. Aswell as being comfortable!
  • Finger Protection - Durable thumb guard protects yourself from the risk of fingernail infections. Say goodbye to accidental finger cuts!
  • Multi-purpose Gardening Tool - Useful in root weeding, pruning, trimming and picking fruits and vegetables.


  • Package includes: 2 x PruneFast™ Gardening Cutter
  • Color: Random