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Portable Grinder Precision Stand

The Ultimate Stability Tool For Any Grinder Or Power Drill!

Struggle to keep a steady hand while using a grinder?

The Portable Grinder Precision Stand offers you precise and steady movement for grinding tasks, your perfect workshop companion!

It can perform 360 degree rotation with an electric grinder attached, allowing you to grind at difficult angles effortlessly. Also compatible with most conventional electric drills!


  • Grind Effortlessly - Provides precise and steady movement for grinding, so you can get the best quality finish every time.
  • 360 Degree Rotation - Clever ball joint design allows you to swivel in any direction and grind at difficult angles effortlessly!
  • Easy To Use - Simply clamp the device to any table or bench, and clamp your grinder to the top of the stand with a twist of the screw.
  • Portable - Lightweight construction allows you to easily carry the stand anywhere in your tool bag. Ideal for house use & mini workshops!
  • Wide Compatibility - Compatible with all electric grinders and power drills, clamp is adjustable to a wide range of sizes.