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Outdoor Fly Catcher

Flies can be irritating and itchy especially for your animals in the garden. That’s why we’re offering you the BEST SOLUTION to trap those pesky flies and leave you and your family in peace!

Here’s the   most effective and proven method to reduce flies without the need for chemicals! Introducing the  Outdoor Fly Catcher!  Eliminate fly problems in your area with ease!


  • TRAPS FLIES  Lures flies inside  without the need to use harsh  chemicals  or noisy, messy electronic bug zappers to keep them off your precious animal friends. Also  comes with a pot at the bottom as bait storage.
  • CHILD & PET FRIENDLY   Safe to use around the home, outside of restaurants and in livestock barns. With the natural bait you use, you and your family are   free from exposure to chemical fly repellents.
  • WIDE APPLICATION  – Can be used in public places and outdoor environments such as  parks, families, vegetable farms (agricultural markets), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, green belts, food processing plants, toilets, garbage houses (yards), and more.
  • EASY TO USE   Easily hangs in your garden and attracts flies  with natural attractants that you supply. Simply   add fruits, bait fish or other delicacies that flies can’t resist to the bait pot. The lured flies will  naturally die due to lack of food.
  • ULTRA DURABLE   – Made of  lightweight, weather-resistant wire and plastic mesh  which can be used outdoors since it   can withstand all types of climates.
  • REUSABLE  Will be of use for your family, farm or business indefinitely.  Just empty your fly trap by disconnecting the bait pot and inverting the mesh funnel. Dead flies will come falling out with ease. Then re-hang your trap and add more bait.



Never let flies annoy your family and your animals ever again with the Outdoor Fly Catcher! Get yours & say goodbye to flies naturally!


  • During Spring and Autumn, hang in a place with plenty of sunshine and during Summer, hang in a place where the sun can’t reach.
  • Use baits like fish, rotten fruits, and other food which flies like.
  • If the bait used does not work well in a week, it is recommended to replace the bait.
  • Place the fly trap every 50 square meters in a large area. If there are more flies, put more fly traps.
  • Recommend to use outdoors. When used indoors, place in a spacious and bright area.
  • Keep bait in a damp state. Stir with water to achieve an attracting effect.