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MultiPlant Hanging Garden Wall

Explore New Heights of Gardening Creativity!

Looking to grow plants and flowers but don't have the garden or soil space for it?

Transform the walls of your home into beautiful vertical gardens with MultiPlant Hanging Garden Wall! Simply fill and grow your favourite plants in the pockets, the perfect  space-saving garden solution!

Say goodbye to expensive plant pots that take up so much space. Protect your plants from ground pests and beautify the look of your home, impressing friends and family!


  • State-of-the-Art Visuals - Compact yet very attractive! Can be decorated with your own style and beautifully handles every plant you put on to it.
  • Space-Saving Vertical Design - Makes a better use of your vacant space vertically for multiple plants. Also movable and grants all your gardening needs with just a little space!
  • Pest Protection - Keeps your plants above ground away from any pests or animals. Their roots can still breath and release heat naturally, too.

  • High Quality Soft Felt - Felt is non-toxic, biodegradable, anti ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, sunscreen and heat. Excess water will automatically drain through the felt material.
  • Practical for Every User - Very easy to manage! No more walking from point to point just to water your plants everyday.
  • Efficient for Plants of Different Kinds - Ideal for plants, herbs, and flowers. Has its own designated irrigation system just like your normal garden.

Watch as your plants bloom even with just limited garden space!  Transform your plain walls into a luscious green garden!

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