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Micro Tungsten Grinding Head (Set of 10)

Shape And Deburr Quickly And Accurately With This Grinding Head Set!

Tired of spending hours cutting grooves and deburring with files and saws?

Our  Micro Tungsten Grinding Head Set allows you to effortlessly  deburr, cut chamfers and grooves through virtually anything. Say goodbye to tiresome hours of using saws and files!

Perfect for jobs that require high accuracy, the Tungsten Grinding Heads are 10 times more efficient than small grinding wheels. Diamond cut design gives also gives the highest quality finish.


  • High Efficiency  - Dozens of times more efficient than machining with a boring tool, nearly ten times more efficient than machining with a small grinding wheel.
  • Supreme Accuracy - High quality finish, able to machine high precision mold cavities of various shapes.
  • Ultra Durable  - Made from diamond cut tungsten steel solid carbide, allowing you to cut through almost anything!
  • Practical  - Simple and convenient, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment.
  • Grind Anything - Grind and cut through cast  iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals. Also marble, jade, bone and other non-metallics!

  • Material:  Tungsten steel solid carbide
  • Set includes: Inverted cone,  pointed cone, round nose cone, pointed tree cone, ball nose cone, flame, ball, oval, cylinder and round nose cylinder tip.
  • Shank diameter:  3mm(about 1/8")
  • Shank Length:  35mm
  • Cutting edge diameter:  6 mm
  • Total length:  42-51 mm