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Power Drill Metal Cutter

Cut Neat Lines In Metal Every Time Using This Power Drill Metal Cutter!

Hate struggling to cut neat lines in metal sheets? Tired of having to file down rough edges left from saws?

Our Power Drill Metal Cutter allows you to effortlessly cutthrough metal, plastic and plywood without any rough edges or burrs. Making metal cutting much safer and creative.

With this cutter, you will be able to easily cut out straight lines, curves, arcs or many other irregular lines and shapes. Attachable to any electric or air drill!


  • Cut Flawlessly - Cut through metal quickly and easily without leaving any rough edges or burrs.
  • Universal - Fits all domestic drill models and is easy to install. Compatible with any 1/4" or 5/8" electric drills or air drills.
  • 360 Degree Cutting - Ergonomic design allows you to cut effortlessly in any direction, creating perfect straight lines and curves.
  • Wide Application - A practical dual head air metal nibbler cutter is able to cut any kind of thin metal, plastic or plywood.
  • Long Lasting - Double head design allows you to continue cutting with the other cutting edge if one side becomes dull.



  • Weight: 480g.
  • Speed range: 1500-3000 rpm.
  • Minimum cutting radius: 12mm.
  • Adaptable: 8mm electric or pneumatic drill.
  • Allowable cutting thickness: Ordinary iron plate: 1.8mm; Stainless steel plate: 1.2mm; Copper, aluminum plate: 2mm; Plastic plywood cart: 2mm.