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Magnetic Wheel Alignment Gauge

Easily Align Your Wheels At Home, Save Time And Money!

Tired of taking your car to  auto mechanics for wheel alignment and getting hit with expensive bills? 

Our  Magnetic Wheel Alignment Gauge allows you to  easily measure the camberand caster angle on the wheel hub or brake disc, so you can adjust to maintain correct wheel aligment and even tire wear!

Avoid expensive down time at your local repair shop!  The perfect tool to maintain the correct Camber setting after dismantling and re-assembling of the suspension


  • Dead-On Wheel Alignment - Accurate spirit level gauge so you can easily set the camber and caster angle to maintain correct wheel alignment and even tire wear. Which means you'll spend a LOT less money at your local repair shop!
  • Magnetic Positioning - Strong magnetic base so you can easily attach to the brake disc or hub which means you can get more accurate measuring results and avoid uneven tire wear.
  • Save Time - Simple gauge scale so you can read it effortlessly without straining your eyes which means you'll get the job done faster and move on with your life!
  • Portable Design - Lightweight but durable construction so you can easily carry and store it in your car which means you'll always have it when you need it, in the event of emergency repairs.
  • Wide Application - Perfect for cars, trucks, SUV's and more! Ideal for setting the camber in the correct position after suspension installation. Making wheel alignment faster & more accurate!

Easy To Use & Convenient To Operate