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Lunar Tools™ Magnetic Welding Head

Instantly Set Your Ground Point With Ease Using This Magnetic Welding Head!

Hate struggling to find a decent ground point for your welding jobs?

Our Magnetic Welding Head allows you to instantly create a ground point for any welding job with minimal effort. Never waste time again!

Simply tack your Magnetic Head to a convenient spot, hook up your safety wire and you're ready to weld! Massively save time & energy, increasing productivity!


  • Set Ground Points Instantly - Set your ground point in seconds by simply placing it on any metal surface. Never waste time again!
  • Increase ProductivityWork more efficiently, while increasing your productivity and job speed!
  • Work Smarter - Save time, energy and focus by quickly and easily setting your ground point for welding!
  • Strong Magnet - Securely attaches to any metal surface with a powerful and reliable hold, flat or curved.
  • Easy To Carry - Compact, lightweight and 100% portable - making it useful and accessible to you for any project. 



 Material: Copper & Insulation Board
 Size: 6.5 cm x 6.7 cm 
 Magnet Disc Diameter: 3.6 cm 
 Conductive Rod Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 1 cm