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Smooth Cut Japanese Saw

Effortlessly Cut Wood With An Ultra Smooth Finish With This Japanese Saw

Tired of using saws that get stuck in wood and bend on every stroke?

This Smooth Cut Japanese Saw allows you to cut through wood effortlessly while leaving a beautiful smooth finish. No more rough edges!

Fine Cut Japanese Saw is a very well known woodworking tool in Japan which Japanese use to do fine wood crafting work and woodworking for long decades.


  • SK-5 Steel Blade - Imported from Japan, with high flexibility and wear resistance.
  • Blade Tooth Design - Cutting speed is  3 times faster
  • Small Teeth Design  - Highly smooth cutting surface, low wood chip rate
  • Thin Blade -  No sticking  in the middle of the cut especially cutting thick wood. 
  • Exchangeable Blade  Rotate the screw to easily change the blade.
  • 3 Sizes Available  - Different size for different purposes, available in dual sided saw too.
Can be used in a wide range of applications, such as gardening, woodworking, wet and dry wood, PVC & ABS plastic pipe sawing.
  • Light and convenient, 
  • Time, energy and labor-saving.

Package includes:

1 x Fine Cut Japanese Saw