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InstaClose Automatic Door Hinge

Never Leave ANY Doors Open Again!

Tired of having to constantly get back off the sofa to close the door? Fed up of doors getting slammed?

No problem! Instantly turn every door into an auto-closing one by just installing this InstaClose Automatic Door Hinge! Never waste time and energy having to close doors behind you again.

Prevent doors from getting damaged from slamming costing you unwanted bills. This spring-loaded hinge pushes and automatically closes doors effortlessly.


  • Effortless Door Closing - A simple spring loaded hinge mechanism that automatically closes doors silently. Instantly makes your life easier.
  • Adjustable Strength - Fully adjustable for fast or slow closing. Strong and durable enough to close even the heaviest doors with EASE.
  • Easy Installation - Quick & easy to install with just basic tools. Just attach to your door and experience its luxury convenience.
  • SAFE & Protective - Prevents your door from damage due to slamming caused by forceful closing procedures. Safe for kids, pets, and even adults.
  • Wide-Variety of Use  - Compatible for ALL kinds of doors such as drawer, main door, bedroom, bathroom, and more!

An added convenience to your everyday living! Grab yours NOW!