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Professional Grafting Tool

Clone Your Favorite Fruit Tree Over And Over Again With This Grafting Tool!

Similar to transplanting organs in humans, you can combine parts from two different trees to form a single, functioning individual. The benefit? An exact   genetic duplicate  of the   superior  tree.

So if you have one tree that harvests  incredible fruit each year, you can create an exact copy by using this grafting technique and effectively  double or triple your harvest.

Grafted fruit trees also bloom &   produce sooner than those that are propagated by seeds - which, by the way, don't produce genetically identical offspring.

Perfect for fruit trees or growing a beautiful garden!

  • Cut grafting stocks from 5mm up to 1.4cm diameter
  • Heavy duty spring that can be used thousands of times
  • Chromium plated blades to prevent rusting
  • Automatic unlocking/safety lock for easy and effortless pruning
  • Imported SK5 steel with hardness HRC60