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Garden Irrigation Nozzles

Effortlessly Water Your Garden In Half The Time With This Amazing Tool!

Tired of spending a long time watering your garden? Looking for something to spray your plants more evenly?

Our Garden Irrigation Nozzles allows you to water your garden fast and efficiently! Large flow atomization makes watering more convenient and will not hurt flowers and crops.

Easy to connect to any garden hose, with adjustable flow nozzles! Perfect for landscaping, large areas of agriculture, flowers, grass and other plants.


  • Large Flow Atomization - Water your garden or crops in half the time with ease. Never worry about harming flowers with a fine water stream.
  • Rotary Sprinkler -  Easily adjust the water flow rate, water output mode, evenly discharge the water, adjust the angle, density, and range of the water.
  • Wide Area Coverage - Perfect for adding water to medium to large storage yards. The higher the water pressure, the better the atomization.
  • Easy To Use Connect the water connector to your water hose for easy watering. Perfect for landscaping, crops, flowers, grass and plant watering.
  • Ultra Durable - Made from high quality ABS, nozzles available with 3-5 spraying nozzle heads.