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Lunar Tools™ Garden Digging Gloves

Make Gardening Fun & Hassle Free With These Digging Gloves!

Tired of getting cuts and rashes in your hands while gardening?

Make your gardening jobs easier and hassle free with our Garden Digging Gloves. Never get your hands dirty again!

Four specially designed digging claws on each glove make it quick & easy to dig holes and plant new greenery. Say goodbye to using tiresome hand tools!


  • Make Planting EASY - Powerful digging claws allow you to dig holes for plants effortlessly, greatly saving labor. No need for hand tools!
  • Protect Your Hands - Engineered with ultra durable rubber latex, shielding your hands from sharp, thorny plants other debris.
  • Waterproof Design - Rest assured your hands will be protected from mud and chemicals, these gloves are fully waterproof and puncture-resistant. 
  • Comfortable - The material is extremely light-weight and stretchable - fits onto your hands like a second skin.
  • Universal Fit - High quality latex material allows for longer stretch, fits most women, men and even older kids.