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Lunar Tools™ Furniture Protection Covers

Protect Your Floors & Furniture From Scratching!

Tired of your wooden flooring getting scratched & scored from chairs?

Our Furniture Protection Covers offer the ultimate protection for your furniture and floors! Say goodbye to deep scratches in your laminate flooring and worn chair legs.

Quick & simple to wrap onto any chair or table leg, giving it a snug grip like a glove. Not easy to fall off! Also prevents  ANY noise when dragging chairs.


  • No More Scratches - Protects your floor and chair or table legs from ANY damage. Say goodbye to deep scratches in your floor!
  • Anti Slip Design - Massively improves the furniture's grip to the floor, making it safer without leaving any marks!
  • Reduce Chair Noise - Let annoying loud noises from dragging chairs be a thing of the past. Soft silicone material absorbs any sound.
  • Not Easy To Fall Off - Quick and simple to wrap each chair or table leg in seconds, but takes a firm grip to prevent falling off!
  • Durable Material - Ultra durable soft silicone, 100% non-toxic, safe for children & pets.  Fits many kinds of furniture feet: dining room chairs, stools, patio chairs, kitchen chairs & much more!