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EZHarvest Vegetable Grow Bag

The Easiest Way To Grow Your Own Vegetables At Home!

Tired of having to constantly go to the store to buy vegetables for them to be out of stock? Wish it was easier to grow your own?

Grow your own  healthy vegetables effortlessly with this EZHarvest Vegetable Grow Bag! Save money and time instead of going to the store, harvest your own vegetables instead!

A perfect portable gardening space especially designed for root crops. With side windows making it easier to monitor their growth and greatly reduces labor!



  • Grow Vegetables FAST - Grow healthy vegetables in as little as 4 weeks! Super spacious for roots to roam freely for maximum growth.
  • ECO-Friendly- Breathable, anti-corrosive, weather-proof, and durable. Made from eco-friendly materials making it safe for your plant's health.
  • Easy to Maintain - Reusable, lightweight and practical. Wide-windows for easy access to your vegetables. Drainage holes for irrigation and breathability.
  • Pest Protection - Durable material keeps your plants and vegetables safe from bugs, pests and other harmful animals.
  • Multi-Functional - Portable and easy to move around. Place it in your balcony, terrace, garden, indoor, outdoor, and more! Ideal for carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes and ALL root crops!

Never be afraid of taking care of root crops again with this EZHarvest Vegetable Window Container Bag! Grab yours TODAY!