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Electric USB Mini Grinder

Engrave, Polish, Trim, Buff, Cut, Drill & Deburr All With One Tool!

Looking for a tool to perfectly cut the fine details in your woodwork project?

Our  Electric USB Mini Grinder is a m ust-have for any DIY, craft , and home improvement projects. High power motorallows you to complete projects quickly, saving time efficiently.
Effortlessly  engrave, polish, trim, buff, cut, drill, and deburr various materials with ultra precision. All your DIY or craft projects will be done in no time!


  • Ultra Precision - Fast rotation combined with small grinding or polishing heads allow you to perfect the fine details on your project.

  • Wide Application - Can work on all workpieces - wood , stone, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, to glass, ceramic, gemstones and porcelain.

  • Easy To Use - Simple cordless design allows you to grind, drill or polish with the click of one button. Chargeable via USB, battery lasts up to 2hrs in use.

  • Reduce Fatigue - A lightweight, more practical alternative to industrial grinders or manual methods, reducing tiredness.

  • Adjustable Speed -  Effortlessly change the  speed from 5000, 10000 or 15000rpm  with a simple one-click button.
Package includes:
1 x Grinder Tool 5V 10W
1 x Pack of 24 bits and accessories