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DoubleDrill™ Flip Drill Set

Drill, Flip, Drive And Get Your DIY Jobs Done In Half The Time!

Tired of having to constantly change drill bits during a job?

Our DoubleDrill™ Flip Drill Set allows you to drill holes and drive screws without going through the  tiresome process of changing bits!

Includes a drill driver with interchangeable heads that allow you to hold and use two bits at the same time.  Versatile, long-lasting, and gets the job done faster and easier!


  • FAST Operation - S imply flip between 2 bits when you want to drill a hole or drive a screw or nut. Finish projects in half the time.
  • 20-Piece Set -  Includes 1 drill driver, 8 Phillip bits, 8 flathead bits, 2 countersink bits, and 1 Allen wrench. Everything you need to complete your woodwork project big or small.
  • Easy To UseThe flip drill can fit any hand drill or electric drill. Never worry about having to attach or remove bits while working.
  • Ultra Durable - Built from high-speed steel allowing you to drill materials faster, and deliver smoother performance when driving screws.
  • Portable -  Packed in a sturdy storage case for easy access, storage, and portability. Perfect for woodworkers, carpenters, joiners and DIY.