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Chillax Neck Phone Holder

The #1 Hands Free Phone Holder For Face-Timing And Tutorial Videos!

Hate   constantly holding or balancing your phone while watching videos at home?

Our Chillax Neck Phone Holder allows you to stay hands free from your phone while multitasking. Perfect for video calling your friend or watching tutorial videos to cook or do makeup at the same time!

Twist the arm to stand it on a table, wear it lying in bed watching a movie, or even use it like a selfie stand. Never exhaust your energy to hold your phone again!


  • Free Your Hands - Easily multitask while watching tutorial videos on how to cook, play guitar or do your make-up! PERFECT for face timing!
  • Universal Phone Holder   - Compatible with all sizes of smart phone & tablet from 4 to 10 inches.
  • Twistable Design - You can  twist the arm and have it stood on table, mounted on car vent or bike handlebar, or even use it like a selfie stand!
  • Flexible & Adjustable  - 360 degree flexible rotation allows you to adjust to any angle you like for comfortable viewing.
  • Portable - Its flexible form allows you to twist and collapse it into a portable shape to carry around.