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Woodwork Drill Positioner

Create Ultra Strong Woodwork Joints Every Time Using This Drill Positioner

Do you struggle to create strong woodwork joints? Find it hard to drill perfect neat holes in wood?

Our Woodwork Drill Positioner allows you to drill  perfectly angled holes to hide screw heads and strengthen wood joints to the max!

Drilling straight into wood can often cause damage to the wood you're trying to join. Using our Drill Positioner to drill the perfect angles for screws  massively reduces the chance of any damage.


  • Stronger Joints - Perfect  15° angle holes can be easily obtained to strengthen wood joints and make the furniture more beautiful.
  • No Wood Damage - Due to the perfect angle setup for drilling, it greatly reduces the chance of damaging the other wood section.
  • Hide Screws - Screws will be concealed in the holes countersinked by the drills, leaving a much neater job. Comes with 6, 8 and 10mm HSS drill bits.
  • Ultra Durable - Forged from fixed aluminum blocks, the product will not rust and can be used for a long life
  • Easy To Use - Simply place the device where you want, clamp down and drill. Compact design, easy to carry and is the essential tool for home woodworking DIY!


  • Material: Aluminum alloy

  • Angle: 15 degrees

  • Positioner size: 67*38*18mm

  • D rill sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm