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Fabric Raised Garden Bed

Maximize your limited garden space to the fullest!

Do you love growing plants and flowers but don't have the soil space?

Our  Fabric Raised Garden Bed is the easiest way to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits - Your portable mobile garden extension!

The perfect solution for limited garden space or unhealthy  soil. Unlike your normal plant box, it is very spacious and allows you to grow a stunning number of 50 maximum plants!


  • INSTANT Gardening Space - Greatly increases your gardening space. A very portable and convenient solution to your gardening problems!
  • Exceptional Airflow  - Deep enough for your plants' roots to freely roam underground. Allows roots to breathe and release heat naturally!
  • HIGH-GRADE Felt Cloth - Engineered to durable perfection, felt cloth that has the ability to prune roots and last for years of gardening!
  • Easy to Use  - Simply fill with healthy soil and raise your favorite plant. Very spacious as well that your plants will surely love!
  • Efficient Water Drainage - Special drainage hole allows water to spread through the soil and exit freely afterward. No more clogging!

Green-pollution free and guarantees you a healthy soil! Protect your plants from underground pests like gophers and moles.

Ideal for ALL kinds of plants whether it is a herb, fruits, vegetables, or flowers!